Matthew McConaughey on special weight-gain die

Matthew McConaughey is cautiously embarking on a new diet in order to regain the 50 pounds he lost for a part in a recent film.
The movie star was required to shed the weight for his role as a man with AIDS in The Dallas Buyers Club and since filming has finished, he has been following a special regime that will help him reverse the effects slowly and healthily.
A source told the New York Post McConaughey is not binging on high-calorie foods in attempts to put the pounds back on quickly, rather he is “eating fish because it’s healthier”. The insider claimed to see the actor order lunch at the Nikki Beach Sundance in Florida at the weekend (January 19th).
Although the celebrity is renowned for his muscular build after appearing in the TV advert for a Dolce and Gabbana fragrance, he has made the headlines in recent months due to his dramatic weight loss and skeletal frame.
McConaughey is not the only star to be trying out a new dieting regime and Victoria Beckham was recently found to be experimenting with the alkaline diet.

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