Antioxidants could cause diet problems

A natural antioxidant compound found in red grapes and other fruits could block the cardiovascular benefits of exercise.
This is according to new research from scientists at the University of Copenhagen, which studied 27 healthy but physically inactive men aged around 65-years-old.
During an eight week trial, all the subjects were asked to perform high-intensity exercise training, while half were given a 250mg dosage of the resveratrol antioxidant every day.
Researchers found both groups lost weight, but those who took the supplement cut fewer pounds than those who took a placebo pill.
Ylva Hellsten, the project’s leader, said: “We were surprised to find that resveratrol supplementation in aged men blunts the positive effects of exercise training on cardiovascular health parameters, in part because our results contradict findings in animal studies.”
However, the scientist added that levels of resveratrol involved in the research are higher than those found in most healthy foods, so people should continue their current healthy diets while waiting for further studies to be published.
Antioxidants have been heralded by nutritionists for a number of years, with some going as far as to argue the substance has life-prolonging effects.

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