Fat in organs may increase risk of osteoporosis

Excess fat around the liver and various muscles could cause bone loss.
This is according to a study conducted by scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, which has been published in the Radiology journal.
Researchers used proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy, a technique that allows for precise measurement, to examine 106 males and females aged between 19 and 45 who were obese but otherwise healthy.
The results of this scan showed those with more liver and muscle fat had higher levels of excess fat in their bone marrow, which increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.
Dr Miriam Bredella, the radiologist who led the study, said: “Bone marrow fat makes bones weak. If you have a spine that’s filled with fat, it’s not going to be as strong.”
She added more research is needed to illuminate the changes that are made when muscles and the liver have excess tissue around them – especially as this could have a huge impact on the diets of people with high body mass index scores.

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