Misconceptions exist around some supposedly healthy foods

Some food traditionally thought as being a vital part of any diet may not actually be that healthy for people.
Catherine Matthews, a nutritionist working with Tesco, has come up with a list of ten items of food and drink that will not help individuals shift the pounds.
Smoothies, olive oil, fruit juice and brown bread all feature in the rundown and so dieters need to make sure they think carefully about the meals they are eating, or else their waistline could suffer.
Ms Matthews said: “When good things turn bad, your health pays the price. The spiralling growth of portion sizes, salt levels and added sugars in foods has transformed healthy meals into unhealthy, nutrient-deficient diet traps.”
While people recognise that burgers, kebabs and pizzas are not good for them if they want to lose weight, many may fail to check out whether or not some other less obvious foods are in fact healthy.
Among the alternatives suggested by Ms Matthews for dieters looking to be good are fresh fruit, cordial with water, plain yoghurt and bran flakes.

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