Amy Adams rallies against diets

Hollywood celebrity Amy Adams has spoken out against the rise of so-called ‘disciplined diets’.
The star said she doesn’t see the point in taking up a weight restriction programme – adding she isn’t the kind of person to ever go on one.
“Some of these actresses or public personas who are very public about their disciplined diets … I’m just not going to be one of those people,” she told Allure Magazine.
Amy Adams has recently featured in the big-budget Man of Steel superman movie alongside British actor Henry Cavill.
Ms Adams described her version of Lois Lane as “a little chubby … [but] that’s all right”. 
However, the celebrity did say she sometimes had problems holding herself against “unrealistic” standards of weight and looks that Hollywood holds actresses to. But she is trying hard to not take any notice of what others are saying about her in the notoriously harsh local press.
Amy Adams has appeared in dozens of hit films, including Love and Distrust, Julie and Julia, Doubt, Enchanted and the Master. 
In addition to this, she has been nominated for four supporting actress Oscars, but has never won.

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