Living in the right neighbourhood could prevent obesity

Living in neighborhoods that support healthy lifestyles makes a substantial difference in obesity levels.
A study conducted by Drexel University School of Public Health has found significantly fewer people become obese living in areas with healthier food available.
Researchers at the medical institution analysed data from 4,008 adults in six US cities over five years and found a healthy food environment – including access to health food stores, farmers markets and fresh food vendors made people much less likely to gain unhealthy levels of weight.
Other factors including sex, age, education, smoking, diet, physical activity, income and neighbourhood walkability were also looked at in the study.
However, scientists recommend people still take care over what they eat, with more easy diets available to internet users willing to put in the time and effort to improve their eating habits.
Dr Amy Auchincloss, an assistant professor at the medical facility, said: “Programmes including farmer’s markets and subsidies for fresh food vendors to locate in disadvantaged areas, are the types of adaptations cities and towns can make to create healthier communities.”

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