Atkins diet followers more likely to feel drowsy in the afternoon

People following the Atkins diet are at risk of feeling drowsy after lunch, new research has shown.
Scientists at the Penn State College of Medicine found that eating fatty foods such as chips or red meat – key foodstuffs for Atkins diet adherents – makes office workers more sleepy after lunch than those with a normal, balanced food intake.
The research, which studied 31 healthy people’s reactions to different dietary systems, also found those who eat more carbohydrates at lunchtime are much more likely to stay alert later in the day – increasing productivity and efficiency.
Foods high in carbohydrates include potatoes, crackers, rice cakes, jams and dried fruits.
Atkins’ Nutritional Approach is a low-carbohydrate diet developed by Robert Atkins and was first outlined in a 1958 American Medical Association journal article.
The dietary system, however, only caught the public’s imagination en masse after Dr Atkins’ research was republished in the 2002 book New Diet Revolution.
Since then, there has been significant debate within the scientific community as to whether the Atkins’ diet is beneficial in weight-loss or harmful to people’s health.

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