Canadian woman loses 9 stone after friend dies

Clover Spears of Vancouver, Canada, lost 9 stone after deciding that she needed to change her lifestyle.
At her heaviest, Ms Spears weighed over 20 stone and was at risk of developing a number of serious health conditions, including heart disease or a stroke .
The woman said the key to her weight loss was that she started slowly by making small changes such as cutting out fast food and fizzy drinks from her diet, according to the Huffington Post Canada.
Then came a sustained push to lose weight, with Ms Spears purchasing a number of exercise DVDs and starting Zumba classes. She started to workout six times per week, doing power toning classes and step aerobics.
Ms Spears said: “My house is much cleaner and more organised and so is my life. I have found that it’s all about priorities; if it is important to you, you will find the time to do it.”
The woman isn’t finished, however, and wants to continue her weight loss and maintain her workout regime, in honour of one her friends, whose premature death from drinking and smoking heavily inspired her to lose weight in the first place.

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