Scottish family extols benefits of Omega 3 oil

A family in Scotland is being used by seafood authority Seafish to advertise the benefits of a diet rich in Omega-3 fish liver oil.
The Aitchison family from Prestonpans, East Lothian, agreed to take a special six-week diet that involved eating a set menu that revolved around the consumption of the healthy nutrient, which is most commonly found in oily fish dishes.
Recipe ideas on the menu included soups, mussels, mackerel and homemade fish fingers – with the latter particularly popular among the family’s three children, according to the Daily Record.
Steve, the father of the family, said eating higher levels of fish liver oil made him notably fitter: “I could run 12 miles without too much trouble and without stopping whereas, last year, I was struggling to do eight miles.”
Dr Jane McKenzie, a diet expert from the University of Edinburgh, backed the diet – arguing consumption of Omega-3 oil helps repair torn muscles or tissue.
The Food Standards Agency recommends the consumption of two portions of fish per week, but most people fall short of this.

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