Celebrity personal trainer reveals common diet mistakes

Excessively limiting calories is one of the main mistakes people make when they go on a fitness regime, according to one of the world’s top personal trainers.
UK-born Tracey Mallett lives in California, helping A-list celebrities lose weight and get in shape – even performing one of her routines alongside Michelle Obama on national TV.
Speaking to the Huffington Post, Tracey has now explained what people can do to get fit before the festive season and has also revealed the mistakes that are most commonly made when dieting.
She said that dieters often struggle when they choose to limit what they eat by too much – causing the body to go into starvation mode and hold on to fat, which in turn leaves wannabe slimmers with less energy to exercise.
At the other end of the scale, another error often made is thinking that exercising gives them a guilt-free pass to eat what they want, when actually balance between exercise and diet is key to achieving a healthy figure.
Over Christmas, Tracey recommended consuming a limited amount of alcohol, avoiding red meat and regularly working out.

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