Nutritionist takes aim at controversial diet

Nutritionist Dale Pinnock used an article in the Daily Telegraph to target the popular 5:2 diet, which has proved controversial.
Mr Pinnock is well known for his commentary on fad diets and seems to think that the 5:2 regime, which involves five days of unrestricted eating and two days of fasting, does more harm than good.
“My problem with the 5:2 is not in the science – or not initially, at least. Rather, it’s in the lifestyle changes that so many people experience,” Pinnock said.
The expert stated that most people in the west aren’t used to the unrelenting hunger involved in going on a fasting regime and that this makes concentrating on other tasks at work or home very difficult.
Pinnock added that while fasting is not particularly unhealthy, the tendency of some followers is to gorge for five days straight and this could have negative effects on the body’s health, especially if excess sugar and salt is consumed. 
“Unless you can remain disciplined on the days off, the 5:2 just isn’t sustainable in the long term,” Pinnock concluded.

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