Controversy as Pregnant Diet Blogger Promotes the 80 10 10 Diet

Loni Jane Anthony, a health blogger, has caused controversy by following the ’80:10:10′ diet throughout her pregnancy, but gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 8.7 pounds, despite the diet being called ‘risky’.
The 80:10:10 diet was developed by American Doctor Doug Graham. The diet promotes eating as much fruit and vegetables as you want, and is a low fat raw food vegan diet.
According to Australian, Loni will drink a litre or two of lemon water each morning, and after letting that digest, will have a banana smoothie. She likes to have a bunch of mangos for lunch and a salad.
The diet get’s the name from the recommended ratio of eating 80% fruit and vegetables, 10% protein and 10% fat. A lot of Olympic athletes have apparently taken up the diet because it optimises a person’s ability to “uptake, transport, and deliver oxygen” according to Dr. Graham.
Ms Anthony posted pictures of herself throughout her pregnancy, claiming she is proof that pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to become a “whale”. She also posed with her baby son after giving birth, proving that her stomach had returned to a washboard flat.
Dr Graham has released a book explaining his diet, and he claims that it is not as radical and difficult to adjust to as it sounds, although people are still concerned about the lack of certain nutrients followers of the diet may experience.

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