Fad diets can ruin teeth says leading dentist

There are new warnings that fad diets can wreck teeth and destroy dental hygiene.
Getting a beach body could mean poor oral health and hygiene, Dr Sameer Patel, the clinical director of Elleven orthodontics has been reported to warn.
A lot of quick fix diets rely on juices or milkshakes, which can have a high amount of sugar in them, and as we all know, sugar ruins your teeth. It can lead to cavities and gum damage, as bacteria happily feast on the sugar left in our mouths and destroy the teeth as they do so.
Not only do you have to worry about cavities, the diet that promises you a great body can also be giving you terrible breath.
For example, the 5:2 diet relies on the body going into a state known as ketosis, which makes the body break down fat efficiently. However, this also releases chemicals that cause bad breath, in such a way that flossing and brushing will not get rid of it.
Even healthy meal replacements often remove fats, only to replace them with sugars, in order to retain the flavour. Therefore they can destroy tooth enamel.
Some diets can even alter the strength of the gums by causing insulin (the hormone that moves sugar out of the bloodstream, a lack of which can cause diabetes) levels to peak and drop. This can affect the structure of collagen in the body, weakening gums and showing that diets can affect many things, even the structure of the body and not just weight.
These warnings again challenge the usefulness and health risks of modern diets. Consuming a balanced diet and making sure to incorporate exercise into everyday life is the best way to keep healthy, and dedication and portion control can lead to long term weight loss.

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