Fish over Christmas could save you a lot of belly fat

Incorporating fish into your menu over the Christmas period could help to offset the unhealthy fats that are rife at a lot of families’ dining room tables throughout the festive season.
Stirling University discovered that fish oil can provide a protective quality to muscles which can defend them against a high fat diet.
The study involved male subjects who undertook a diet consuming a massive 4,000 calories a day, and some of them who were given fish as a replacement for some of the fat gained weight in a different way to those who did not have any fish.
Those who didn’t have the fish gained weight around their abdomens, and those who did include the fish tended to gain the weight in other areas, spreading the fat around.
This is an interesting finding, as weight around the stomach is a risk factor of type 2 diabetes, and so it could help to prevent the disease.
It was also noted that those without fish in their diet had a lower insulin sensitivity, which is an aspect of type 2 diabetes, and means that their bodies were less able to deal with sugar.
The find came from student researcher Sophie Wardle. She commented, “The fact that many of us are flexible enough to deal with such a high fat load is quite impressive, but the findings do come with a health warning, especially at Christmas.
“Everyone enjoys eating more than usual at this time, but this diet over a longer period of time is not the way to go.”

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