Labour wants to see radical changes to the food and health industry

Next year could see a big political shake up in the country, and if Labour gets voted in, some big changes could be brought in to regulate the food industry.
Andy Burnham, the shadow health minister, has said that Labour would like to see a limit imposed on children’s food to bring down the amount of fat, sugar and salt that youngsters are eating.
Burnham discussed his views on Sky News, saying that the “status quo simply isn’t working” and that something radical needs to be done about the food industry’s affect on our health. The amount of people developing type 2 diabetes is shocking, and is a result of the obesity pandemic across the globe.
He said, “I think if people become more physically active then they get more control over what they are eating and what they are drinking and all the other things. I think also the time has come to look at the food industry. I’ve said many times, I just cannot defend the amount of sugar that children are eating. We’ve seen more and more sugar built in to our food over time.”
Growing up on a not-so sugar fuelled diet may cause children to develop into health-responsible adults.
When questioned on his view of the NHS offering cash incentives to people to make them lose weight, he said that he was unsure about that, but that a radical change was indeed needed.
He also praised Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, for his more serious approach to obesity prevention.

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