An Apple Skin a Day

If you are a bit of a fussy eater and prefer your apples peeled, then I’m afraid I have bad news. The skin of the apple keeps the doctor away, not the nice juicy bit we all love so much.
Apples are known to have great health benefits and are an important part of a healthy diet, giving your body things it needs to keep healthy and fight diseases, even going so far as to help fight heart disease.
However, the majority of this goodness is in the skin of the apple. Apparently it holds over half the amount of the fruit’s total fibre and vitamin A, just under a quarter of the total vitamin C, and the majority of the fruit’s quercetin, which has been found to help prevent Alzheimers in rats.
Of course, there is still some goodness in the rest of the apple, but it is surprising how much goodness is packed into the thin top layer. And it is worrying how many people actually peel their apples. It makes eating them seem almost pointless.
Further benefits of apples can allegedly include, but aren’t limited to: improving eye and nerve health, replacing the collagen in our skin, reducing tooth decay, promote hair growth, reduce the risk of diabetes and even help to prevent cancer.
So put down that chocolate bar, and go and grab yourself an apple. Just don’t peel it.

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