Collapse of a Dieting Empire

The dieting world has definitely not made it through the recession unharmed, as it has now been announced that two of slimming guru Rosemary Conley’s businesses have entered into administration.
Starting out leading a small weekly fitness class in the 70’s, Conley built her empire from the bottom up, spreading out into publishing, DVDs and, of course, franchised fitness classes.
The two businesses that have gone into administration are the Rosemary Conley food and Fitness Ltd. and Quorn House Publishing which produces and sells her magazine.
Allegedly, losses of £850,000 and the failure of an online TV channel are to blame for the company collapses and six members of staff have been reluctantly made redundant.
It might not be a surprise that the old health and diet companies have lost custom, due to the new craze for fad diets like the 5:2 diet . It is a shame however that the old businesses who do know how to lose weight healthily are losing out to these new “quick fix” diets, which often have tenuous scientific evidence.
Hopefully the administration will be able to pull the company back and return it to its former status as one of the ‘big three’ slimming companies in Britain, alongside Weightwatchers and Slimming World.

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