Playing Tetris could help with weight loss

Playing Tetris for just three minutes could help in attempts to lose weight.
According to a new study, playing the tile-matching puzzle could cut cravings by as much as a quarter.
Professor Jackie Andrade, who led the research, said cravings only last for a few minutes, during which the individual visualises what they want and the reward it will bring. 
“By playing Tetris, just in short bursts, you are preventing your brain creating those enticing images and without them, the craving fades,” she said. 
Participants were asked to detail if and what they were craving and to assess how strong, vivid and intrusive such feelings were. 
One group then played the tile-matching game, while a second group was sat in front of a screen and assured it was attempting to load – but ultimately never played the game.
After three minutes, the subjects were again asked to rate their cravings. Those who played Tetris experienced 24 per cent weaker cravings than those who did not.
Professor Andrade added playing the game gave participants the feeling they were in control, which was important for when cravings arose.  
The full findings can be viewed in the journal Appetite.

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