The Wrong and Right Ways of Losing Weight

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) has released their top 5 diets to be avoided throughout 2014, ranging from the useless to the downright dangerous.
The Breatharian, Biotyping, Gluten-Free, Alcorexia and Duken diets are all on the red list. They are apparently pointless and possibly dangerous to the body, especially the Bretharian and Alcorexia diets, and are based on ‘pseudo-science’.
Although these diets may see weight loss, this is usually simply to the restriction of calories and not any miracle cure, but they may also see malnutrition and a lack of essential vitamins and minerals.
Another issue with these diets is that they see large numbers of people gaining weight again, putting it back on after the diet, and a lot of people giving up with the diets halfway through.
Not only do a lot of these fad diets cost you money, (according to ITV, the average woman will spend £25,000 in a lifetime trying to get thin) but they are usually only short term gains.
There is no magical weight loss diet that will shed the pounds. The key is to treat weight loss like a marathon, not a sprint, and make changes to your lifestyle that you will be able to sustain throughout your life.
For some healthy advice to lose weight, click here. Healthy eating, smaller portions, less snacking and more exercise incorporated into your life will see that weight gradually melt away, and create a healthier you.

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