Weekday Weight Loss Cycle

Researchers have recorded evidence of a “weight loss cycle” that is similar in ways to the sleep cycle. This weight cycle is a recurring pattern that occurs over the seven days of the weeks.
New York’s Cornell University carried out weighing studies on eighty adults between the ages of 25 and 62. Participants weighed themselves in the morning before breakfast and gave their results to Dr. Brian Wansink’s team of researchers.
Weekdays are apparently when we all tend to lose a bit of weight. The nine to five day that a lot of us follow helps us lose weight, possibly due to the requirements of working life, and because time pressure restricts diets.
Conversely however, we tend to put on weight starting from Friday evening, as our time is freed up and we indulge in order to enjoy ourselves.
But the awareness of this weight loss cycle could be the focus for new diets. In the week we lose weight anyway, so by reinforcing that lower calorie intake by eating healthier foods and getting a good nutrition, health could be boosted, along with weight loss. And then at the weekend, we can relax.

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