High Fibre Diet Could Help Asthma Relief

High fibre diets have been found to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and other allergic airway inflammation based diseases in mice by a recent study in Switzerland.
An increase in asthma sufferers in developing countries where fibre content in the diet has dropped sparked the study, to see if there was a link between the two variables.
The mice were fed a diet of high soluble fibre content, and they showed signs of the fibre causing a protective effect on the lungs and airway systems.
The study found that mice given a high amount of soluble fibre have a healthier reaction to the dust-mite stimulus, used to try and trigger an inflammation reaction, compared to the control group mice which were fed low and normal levels of fibre.
This means that the type of fibre found in plant based food helped the mice stave off an allergic reaction, similar to the kind that causes asthma.
The results look promising, but it is important to remember that the study was on mice, and there is no evidence that the same effect would occur in people. However, a high fibre diet is a healthy one, and eating more of it will improve your health and make you feel good, so everyone should try to eat more!

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