Weight Watchers Renew their Campaign for Healthy Eating

Weight Watchers have launched their new 2014 campaign, and it is still not too late to sign up.
The new campaign’s ad reaches from the TV to the cinema, and a re-branding and make-over of the website has kept it up-to-date and given it a fresh face.
The diet giant is one of the most well known in the dieting circles, which is unsurprising as they can claim over 50 years worth of experience in the weight losing scene.
Weight Watchers new approach to healthy eating is the ProPoints system, which gives daily allowance points based on each individual’s height and weight to convert into food.
This simple solution helps to track your intake of daily food and reign in all those unhealthy habits, whilst still making enjoyable allowances. Fancy a slice of cake with your coffee? Well you have your ProPoints to spend on that. And the Simple Start scheme can break you into weight loss slowly, because as Weight Watchers say “getting off to a great start makes long-term success more likely”.
Furthermore, you can no longer use money issues as an excuse! In the aftermath of Christmas, when tummies are a bit fuller and purses are a bit emptier, Weight Watchers have a monthly or online subscription fee that not only helps you lose weight, but also saves you money!
You can go and check it all out on their new website right now and start the journey to a healthier you.

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