7 daily portions of fruit and vegetables is no better than eating 5

A study was published earlier this year suggesting people should be eating more than the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and aim for seven portions.
Analysis of over 60,000 people indicated that mortality chances decreased the more fruit and veg people ate, up to a limit, or threshold, of seven portions a day, at which point mortality rates stopped decreasing.
New analysis has been carried out that has found evidence that the health benefits threshold for fruit and vegetable is at the original five portions per day, and that the health benefits tail off when exceeding this number.
By comparing and analysing 16 studies across the USA, Europe and Asia, 833,000 people and their fruit consumption were looked at.
The average risks of death from cardiovascular disease or cancer dropped by 5% for every extra portion of fruit and vegetables that were eaten per day. This only decreased to a threshold of five portions however, and then the benefits were significantly reduced.
The team looked only at cardiovascular and cancer related deaths, as these are some of most common causes of mortality, so the results may change should they look into a wider range of causes of death, but these two are the most prominent factors that will have the largest effect.
Although this new study suggests that we need only aim for five portions a day, rather than seven, there is no reason you can’t eat more. Just remember that a healthy diet is a balanced one.

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