Channel 4 Documentary on the Best and Worst Diets in the World

A documentary that aired on Channel 4 on Monday has found that Iceland has the best diet in the world, closely followed by Greece and Italy.
The World’s Best Diet is available to watch on 4OD and followed Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton travelling around the world looking at a huge variety of diets across the globe.
They judged the diets based on weekly grocery shops and typical meals and snacks.
In the ranking of fifty countries that were looked at, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland came out 34th, 35th, 36th and 37th.
The Marshall Islands were found to have the worst diet, and Iceland the best.
The Marshall Islands have an incredibly high incidence of diabetes cases. Following the Second World War, the islands became dependent on cheap American imports that are high in fat, and include very little fresh vegetables.
The diet there is so bad that the most common surgery undertaken at the hospital is amputations related to diabetes, according to the documentary.
The film follows one woman who goes to have her first diabetes test and she is found to have a blood glucose reading of 24.4mmol/l, an incredibly high reading that shows she has developed diabetes as a direct result of her diet, something that happens to many people on the Marshall Islands.
As obvious as it sounds, geographical influences have a huge impact on the availability of good diet choices. At least in the UK we have the resources to be able to make healthy choices, and we should take the opportunity to ensure we are eating as healthily as we can.

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