Head teacher warns of teenage eating disorders

A head teacher has warned parents of young girls disguising the beginning of an eating disorder as following a healthy diet.
Jayne Triffet, the head of a Catholic boarding school in Woldingham in Surrey, has been reported to make this warning during an end of term assembly speech.
She highlighted that social pressures can convince girls that they have to be thin to be beautiful and that this can lead to eating disorders.
Ms. Triffet added that the beginnings of eating disorders may be highlighted by girls seeking a healthy diet as a way to cut down on the amount of food that they eat.
“The catch is that if they reduce their food intake they will not have the energy to cope with a packed life here at school” she reportedly added.
“All too quickly they could head for some type of eating disorder.”
Although she was commenting on her students in particular, Ms. Triffet’s words highlight a problem across the country, with students becoming “over-anxious” due to pressure to perform well in exams “and display particular mental health issues connected with this.”
Of course, it is not just girls who can become affected with eating disorders and mental health issues. There is a rising amount of cases coming to light of young men suffering with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.
Despite Ms. Triffet’s words, you should not fear seeking a healthy diet. A true, healthy, balanced diet will supply all the nutrition and energy needed.

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