High Protein Diets Could be Critical to Maintaining Weight Loss

A study on baboons has indicated that high protein diets are the way to go for maintained weight loss.
The University of Sydney found that putting baboons on a high protein diet made them more likely to maintain a healthy weight, thought to be because of the appetite suppressing affect of protein. It helps people, and baboons, to feel fuller for longer, so we tend to eat less.
Protein also boosts muscle mass and can apparently boost the metabolism.
David Raubenheimer, a nutritional ecologist at the University of Sydney, commented that with the drop of protein content and rise of carbohydrates in our diets over the last 60 years, it is unsurprising that obesity levels have climbed.
Of course, a healthy diet isn’t just about eating more meat. Balancing it with nutritional foods like vegetables and fruits is a necessity, and a reduction in carbohydrates and processed foods like junk foods are also required.
In addition, increasing the amount of exercise undertaken during the working week is very important for those trying to lose weight and become healthier.
However, there have been warnings about eating too much meat, particularly red meats, and the health implications they can have in the long term, including fears of chronic diseases like cancer.

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