Nutritionist says lifestyle choices are better than binge diets

A leading nutritionist says women should ‘eat like men’, as the ‘female’ approach to dieting (diet restriction and fad diets) are more likely to lead to weight gain before and after the diet due to compensation, whereas a lifestyle change will help to keep the pounds off.
Jim White of Virginia Beach, Virginia, wrote an article explaining his seven steps to losing weight via lifestyle changes.
By eating more stereotypically male diets (such as steak and beer), he says that women can help to keep their blood sugar levels stable and maintain their metabolism, whilst feeling fuller for longer.
He says more protein should be eaten (ditch the salad and have a steak), that cocktails should be replaced with beer (it keeps you fuller for longer and cocktails are full of sugar), and avoid low calorie foods that are aimed at dieters (as these often lack fat and protein that help us feel full).
White points out that men are more likely to make a gradual lifestyle change in order to eat cleaner and healthier, rather than binge diet, which has often been regarded as a fine way to ensure you put all the weight back on again after coming off it.
Of course, White’s theory has been met with some disagreement. Kimberly Snyder, celebrity nutritionist, was reported to oppose White by saying that men and women are too biologically different and that he hasn’t taken into account the fact that women are apparently more likely to emotionally eat so the gradual lifestyle changes he promotes are likely to fall apart.
Either way, making alterations to lifestyle, such as avoiding junk food and incorporating a bit of exercise into your weekly routine, are often more sustainable methods of weight loss than a restricting binge diet.

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