Gene Tailored Diets Shown to Aid Weight Loss

There has never been a magical cure-all diet for weight loss, no one diet to suit everybody and make them healthier and thinner, and there is a simple reason for this: everybody is different. However, a new approach to dieting may make your magical diet all that more realistic.
Gene based diets are not a new thing, but a recent study has proved how having a diet tailored specifically to your gene make-up can improve your keywordweight loss by up to 33%.
Because of how different people metabolise fats and carbohydrate differently, it makes sense that there isn’t a single diet that suits everybody. A group of 87 obese volunteers participated in a study which indicated that personally tailored diets are the way forward.
The diets of the individuals were tweaked, determined by the presence of 19 genes which can alter the way that we metabolise food. Over two years, the participants stuck to their diet, alongside 104 people acting as a control and dieting on non-tailored diets.
The research was undertaken in Italy, at the University of Trieste, and lead researcher, Dr. Nicola Piratsu commented: “Although there were no significant differences in age, sex and BMI between the two groups at the beginning of the trial, we found that people in the group who had followed the gene-based diet lost 33% more weight than the controls over two years, and the percentage of lean body mass also increased more in this group.
“By uncovering the genetic bases of taste and food preferences, we will be able to increase not only the effectiveness of nutritional interventions, but also compliance with them.”
Other studies have indicated that genes can also play a part in how much we enjoy different foods, and this could also be the basis of making low-calorie, healthy, but satisfying diets in the future.

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