The War on Obesity starts in Childhood

A survey carried out by Vegesentials, the drinks company, found that less than half of parents were happy about the amount of fruit that their child eats.
Surveying more than 1,000 people, the research also found that on average, parents will spend the equivalent of three days coaxing a child to eat their fruit and veg per year.
They found that the most popular techniques for getting kids to eat healthy foods is to hide or incorporate it in other foods, offering rewards for eating healthily and making up stories to encourage kids to eat well.
Patience Arinaitwe-Muadu, the managing director of Vegesentials is reported saying “We totally understand the struggles parents go through to get fruit and vegetables into their children; it’s a daily battle which any Mum and Dad is familiar with.”
It is a shame that getting children to eat healthily is so difficult, as it arguably sets them up for an unhealthy life. This is why companies such as Vegesentials and Innocent Smoothie are around – to try and make healthy eating fun and tasty.
There is a pandemic of obesity sweeping the globe. The fight against it should start with children, so that they can grow up healthily and prevent diseases such as diabetes from becoming so common. Victories have been made of course, such as Tesco removing junk food from displays by their tills to entice last minute impulse buys, but for now, obesity rates are going to continue to climb.

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