Another Day and Another Fad diet

The Pina Colada Diet comes with a tasty name, and offers a tasty deal. £39.99 and you can lose all the weight you want with minimal effort.
So what does this magical diet include for barely less than forty quid? Not a lot. Some shakes, a diet supplement pill, and some fairly sound weight loss advice that can be gathered from the internet for free.
Judging by a report published on the Daily Mail Online, the reporter, who apparently lost 10lbs in four weeks, managed to lose weight, not because of the magical pill (Garcinia Cambogia) that comes with the diet, nor because of some secret ingredient in the pina colada flavoured shakes, but because she ate healthily and went to the gym.
The shakes and pills, sold from, come with a four week diet and exercise plan, and this is where the weight loss is most likely going to come from. Not from taking a pill that supposedly cuts fat absorption and creation.
Personally, I wouldn’t want to spend my money on what seems to be healthy eating advice hiding behind an expensive milkshake, especially when advice for a balanced diet and a good exercise regime is available for free elsewhere.
Eat less, exercise more, and battle those cravings by playing Tetris.

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