Angela Merkel Loses Weight Without Turning to a Fad Diet

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has made healthy changes to her lifestyle and has lost a lot of weight, it is reported.
Rather than go all out on an intense diet, Merkel has altered her diet in small, manageable ways, and lost weight gradually. She apparently replaced biscuits served at meetings with carrot sticks, a healthy, low calorie alternative.
The sausage and cheese sandwiches she was partial to are now also a thing of the past. “She is very disciplined and eats a lot more fruit” one of her colleagues was reported to say.
This is a good example to follow. A lot of fad diets fail because of how much they impact lifestyle; people find it hard to keep up with them. In addition, the things we eat are the things we like to eat, so by taking them away, it feels a lot like missing out.
Although replacing biscuits with carrots will be, for a lot of people, getting rid of a tasty treat, it is a step in the right direction. It is a small, easy change to make, that should be easy to uphold.
In addition, a gradual reduction in portion sizes at meals will help to lower calorie intake, while not having a massive and unsustainable impact on lifestyle.
By making and sticking to small changes like this, Angela Merkel has lost a lot of weight, that she has managed to keep off. It just shows that skipping the fad diets and simply reducing portion sizes and snacks, while increasing exercise can leave you thinner and healthier.

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