The Hard Earned Weight Loss of a Diet Blogger Used to Sell Slimming Pills

A mum turned diet blogging guru has found that her pictures have been stolen and used to promote a diet pill that she never used…. for the second time.
Veronica “Roni” Noone started blogging when she became pregnant and had to begin losing weight. Having self confessed ‘body image issues’ her life has seen her yo-yo from healthy to unhealthy weights and back again, and she has documented her way to a healthy lifestyle on her blog ‘Roni’s Weigh.’
Pictures of her were taken without her permission and attached to a bogus story about how she used the diet pills Garcinia Cambogia to lose almost 20lbs in a month. “The whole thing is completely fake right down to the made up quotes and a graph that shows how I lost all the weight in just thirty days” Noone said.
Noone apparently does not advocate the use of such pills, commenting that “If Garcinia Cambogia is so great then why do they feel the needs to use fake stories and photos to sell the product?”
ABC News reported last year that Roni had her images stolen previously by a different company. In one of these adverts before, she was named Jess. She said “it is scary to think that someone would try to sell something that has no grain of truth.”
She added: “I don’t think it is possible to sell weight loss in a bottle”, showing there are no short cuts to her hard work and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.
So far, the company hosting the Garcinia Cambogia adverts have not replied to requests to have them taken down.

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