Actor reveals truth about low fat foods in shocking documentary

Next March will see the release of a documentary created by Australian actor Damon Gameau in which he highlights the dangers of sugar, focusing on the huge amounts of sugar found in perceived healthy foods.
Putting his own health on the line, Gameau followed a ‘healthy’ low-fat diet for 60 days for a documentary titled ‘That Sugar Film’, which will be aired next year.
Gameau, who is largely known for his role in the second season of Underbelly, has had limited sugar in his diet for three years, having cut it out. For the duration of the film, he focuses instead on eating foods labelled low-fat, such as low-fat yoghurt, muesli bars, cereal and juices, and he very quickly develops some shocking results.
In a very short space of time, Gameau developed fatty liver disease, and the amount of sugar he eats even begins to affect his mental state. At one point in the trailer, he describes how he now has a much shorter fuse and feels unwell and lethargic.
The film highlights how little we know about the foods that we eat, and how misleading labelling can be. We associate ;’low-fat’ with healthy, but in fact, low-fat products can have some major impacts on our diet.
One doctor said, regarding the fatty liver disease the actor developed: “This is the first time I’ve seen that it can be developed in two or three weeks,” and another said that if he carried on eating as he did, he would be well on the way to becoming obese.
The documentary is due to be aired next March, and, as Jamie Oliver has said, it is “A definite must-see.”

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