Diet low in fat more effect for weight loss than diet low in carbs

A US health study suggests that greater fat loss can occur from following a low-fat diet than following a diet low in carbohydrates.
Participants were vigorously analysed as they followed controlled diets, with scientists recording every breath taken and minute of exercise completed, and strictly controlling the food provided.
Both diets resulted in fat loss when calories were reduced, but participants lost more on the low-fat diet, resulting in the experts claiming that a low-fat diet should be the most effective diet for weight loss.
A total of 19 obese people received 2,700 calories a day to begin with. Over two weeks, they tried out diets which reduced their fat or carbohydrate consumption. The chemical processes occurring in their bodies were closely analysed by the scientists, and the findings were published in Cell Metabolism.
After six days following each diet, an average of 463g of body fat was lost on the low-fat diet, whilst on the low-carb diet, the average weight loss was just 245g.
However, it is suggested by other studies that in normal life, when people find it harder to control their diets strictly, they may actually lose more weight through a low-carb diet.
“If it’s easier to stick to one diet than another, and to ideally do it permanently, then you should choose that diet,” said Dr Kevin Hall, the lead researcher, from the American National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. “But if a low-fat diet is better for you, then you are not going to be at a metabolic disadvantage.”

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