Juicing adverts banned for flimsy health claims

A number of juice diet adverts have been banned from the airwaves, after a watchdog found they were misleading due to a lack of scientific data supporting the weight loss claims.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned three adverts for juicers, all produced by Phillips.
Sales of juicers have gone through the roof recently primarily due to celebrities endorsing juice diets such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Rose Huntington-Whiteley.
The banned ads starred Madeleine Shaw in a series of online videos where she demonstrates how the juicer works and shows recipes for certain juice smoothies. It was her comments which were the basis for banning the adverts as they had no scientific backing.
In one advert Shaw claimed beetroot “acts as a great cleanse for the liver,” and in another, she claimed her ‘Beat the Bloat’ juice was “great for toning your tum.”
In a third, she said that the ‘Watermelon Cooler juice’ was an “amazing fat buster.”
Phillips argued against the rulings, but the ASA denied all the objections, saying that Phillips had no solid evidence, other than internet articles it cited.
Although this is an isolated case, it throws up doubt about all the advertisement and celebrity endorsements regarding fad diets that are constantly thrown our way. If one is found to have a basis with fragile evidence, more possibly could.

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