Controversial diet doctor to have appeal rejected

Celebrity doctor Pierre Dukan is set to lose his final appeal to remain on France’s medical register after the chief legal advisor to the Council of State said there were no grounds for his appeal.
The doctor is quite a controversial figure. He’s behind a lot of weight loss in the celebrity world, including helping Carole Middleton and Jennifer Lopez to shed the pounds.
However, the French authorities have often clashed with Dukan over his dietary advice and suggestions which are somewhat controversial.
In 2012, he proposed that students should be awarded extra marks in school if they are an “ideal weight”, at an A-Level equivalent age.
Of course, this was strongly contested and complained about by the French College of Physicians who said that this kind of discrimination would be likely to cause more harm for pupils who were already obese or anorexic, and was described as an “unwise and dangerous stigmatisation of obese and overweight adolescents”
The organisation then also questioned whether Dukan’s multi-million pound company that sold diet food and advice was compatible with the code of medical practice.
The appeal against his ban from working as a practitioner is expected to be denied on the grounds that his student weight loss idea had cast “discredit on the profession,” as the chief advisor of the Council of State said.
The very low vegetable and carbohydrate levels in Dukan’s initial diet plan led to it being criticised both in Britain, and abroad.
Despite this, Dukan is still likely to cause more controversy as his next book, due for release in July, is a diet for the foetus, in which he tells pregnant women how to cut sugar and carbohydrates during gestation to help their baby.
He described obesity as a monster that can’t be overcome in an adult, “but when it is in the foetus, the monster is vulnerable,” he is reported saying.

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