Drug company to seek NHS prescription permit

We quite often get bombarded with advertisement and emails championing the newest dieting drug that is claimed to make our weight evaporate, and, usually, they are spam or bogus. But now a real weight loss drug that has been claimed to help people lose up to two dress sizes, could be passed for prescription on the NHS.
The injectable drug, Liraglutide (marketed under the name Saxenda), lowers blood pressure, raises good cholesterol and helps to reduce weight, when used in tandem with diet and exercise. However, it is to be used to treat severe obesity, not just on any one who wants to shed a few pounds.
The drug is already in use, marketed as Victoza, for treatment of type 2 diabetes, but at a much reduced strength.
The developers of the drug, Novo Nordisk, will be applying for the drug to be prescribed on the NHS after it was given the go ahead as safe by the European drugs regulator.
However, it is possible the prescription will be deemed too expensive by NICE, Britain’s drug rationing public body, at £2.25 per prescription per day.
In trials, people lost an average of 19lbs in a year. This is said to be a stone more than the average lost by people just on a diet.
We may or may not see the drug make an appearance in the UK to help people with severe weight problems, but more exercise and a healthier diet will help everyone to avoid weight related problems and health conditions like diabetes.

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