Doctors call for tax on sugary drinks

The British Medical Association is calling for a further 20 per cent tax on sugary drinks in an attempt to improve our diet and reduce the rising levels of obesity.
According to the BMA, unhealthy diets are responsible for approximately 70,000 people dying prematurely, each year, with high levels of sugar significantly increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or obesity.
Doctors believe a tax of a minimum 20 per cent is required for customers to be deterred, pushing the price of a fizzy drink can up from 65p to 78. A two litre bottle would rise from £1.85 to £2.22, and their report called for the extra money to be used in a way that allows for fruit and vegetables to be cheaper, making it cheaper and easier to eat healthily.
Dr Shree Datta, of the BMA, said: “We’re looking at 30 per cent of the UK population being obese by the year 2030, a large extent of that is due to the amount of sugar we’re actually consuming without realising.”
In Mexico, such an idea has already been introduced, with sugar drinks having a tax on them, with results indicating that consumption of them has been reduced.
In order to follow a healthy lifestyle, you should try to reduce your consumption of sugar and processed food. Fresh fruit and vegetables are healthy options, and along with getting regular exercise, can help improve your health.

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