NHS to supply diet training to prevent type 2 diabetes

Diet lessons could be supplied on the NHS to patients at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes in an attempt to help educate people into preventing the disease.
The number of people with diabetes has doubled in the last 20 years in the country, highlighting how much of a problem the condition is.
Education is one of the key ways of preventing the disease. The NHS has been criticised in the past for focusing on dealing with the complications of diabetes, which cost up to 10% of the NHS budget each year, rather than preventing the disease, which would help save money in the long run.
Trialled in Bradford, GPs have selected patients that are at a high risk of developing the disease, being either obese, at a genetic risk of the disease, or the combination of both.
These patients are then given a two hour session teaching them healthy tips about eating. Then, the patients were offered extra gym membership vouchers, spinning or Zumba classes, or cooking lessons.
The advice is generally promoting easy changes such as boiling or poaching over frying. Foods or cooking methods that push people to being overweight, can, because of this, over a lifetime, make people more prone to developing diabetes.
It is important to look after your body and your health, by eating a healthy and balanced diet and exercising.

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