Whole grains in your diet could help you live longer

Incorporating whole grains, cereal fibre and quinoa into your diet could reduce the risk of you developing health problems such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and respiratory conditions, according to experts.
Researchers from the Harvard Public School of Health conducted studies which showed that eating a bowl of quinoa each day (34 grams) may cut your risk of premature death by 17 per cent. The effects are not just limited to quinoa either, as all whole grains, such as oats and wheat, were found to be highly beneficial to your health.
Consuming high amounts of whole grains was linked with a 48 per cent decrease in the likelihood of developing diabetes, and an 11 per cent decrease in the likelihood of dying from a respiratory disease.
Approximately 367,000 people, from eight American states, were studied over an average of 14 years. They were all part of the organisation AARP, which is for people who are at least 50 years old, with the researchers monitoring their health and diet data throughout. The study was published in the BMC Medicine journal.
However, as this study was observational, it cannot be said with definitive proof that the consumption of whole grains and cereal fibre are the reasons for these decreased mortality rates.
“Our study indicates that intake of whole grains and cereal fibre may reduce the risk of all-cause mortality and death from chronic diseases such as cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease,” said Dr Lu Qi, who led the study.
Consuming more cereal fibre resulted in a 15 per cent decrease in the likelihood of dying from cancer, and this was regardless of smoking, obesity, or exercise levels.
Quinoa is high in protein and low in calories, making it an ideal food for people on a diet, especially as it is also relatively inexpensive. Whole grains are very beneficial as they are rich in fibre, minerals and antioxidants.
Even though this study indicates that cereal and grain consumption can have positive effects on health, it is important to make sure that you are always following a healthy, balanced diet, with plenty of exercise.

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