Man loses weight despite fast food diet

John Cisna, a science teacher in the USA, consumed McDonald’s food for every meal for three months, in a personal experiment with his class to see what effect it would have on his body. He even extended the experiment a further three months due to its apparent success.
His class created a meal plan involving only food found on a McDonald’s menu, but each day’s plan could not exceed 2,000 calories, and had to keep to FDA guidelines. He also completed 45 minutes of walking each day for his exercise.
Weighing 20st at the beginning of the experiment, by the end of it Mr Cisna had lost approximately 4st. However, what he found most surprising was that his levels of ‘bad cholesterol’ had decreased, quite considerably, according to tests.
Mr Cisna said: “You can eat any food that you want to – but it’s calories in and calories out. Enjoy the food like they were meant to be.”
However, it should be noted that he did consume fairly healthy food, such as egg white sandwiches, oatmeal, salad and fruit, for his breakfast and lunch each day. He then only consumed the more unhealthy ‘value’ meals for dinner.
Had he consumed the more popular, highly unhealthy fast food on offer, like Morgan Spurlock from ‘Supersize Me’, he may well have ended up with more predictable, negative impacts on his health. Mr Spurlock gained weight during his documentary, his body-fat percentage rose from 11 to 18 per cent, he developed a very fatty liver, and his cholesterol also worsened considerably.
For a healthy lifestyle, it is important to take part in regular exercise, and follow a healthy diet. This means increasing your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, whilst reducing your intake of sugar and processed food.

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