Picture of woman used falsely in diet pill advert

A fake website which tried to sell ‘diet pills’ has been exposed as using different women in its ‘before’ and ‘after’ images advertising the pills.
Kirsty Kennedy, a 30 year old woman from Stirling in Scotland, saw a picture of herself on the scam website, which pretended that she was the ‘before’ image, with a different woman’s picture used as the ‘after’ image, in a reference to the pills being used to lose weight.
Kirsty, who weighs 22 stone and has mild learning difficulties, saw her picture used on womenshealthandbeautyy.com, a website which falsely tried to linked itself to Women’s Health. Her name was also changed to Sarah Wright, supposedly a 31 year old from Essex.
This image was placed beside images of Taryn Wright, who had genuinely lost seven stone after getting divorced in 2013. However, instead of using an old image of Taryn, an image of Kirsty was used to show how Taryn ‘used to look’ before losing weight, with the website advertising that this was thanks to the diet pills which were advertised.
The website stated that ‘Sarah’: “Claims that being married made her fat and since getting divorced she has lost an incredible 98 lbs, just as a result of using a new diet known as Ultra Ketone System and Cleanse Xtreme.”
This incident highlights the dangers that scam websites can put people in, with diet pills are a risky purchase. Their false advertising could have led many to believe that using the cheap pills would result in weight loss, when in reality they could have been very harmful. This is why it is imperative to always talk to a doctor before taking any pills, and always be wary about purchasing any online.
Kirsty said: “There are probably people out there, like me, who are trying to lose weight, who are being scammed and paying for pills that don’t exist. If the pills existed and worked then I’d use them but I know that losing weight takes a lot of hard work and a good diet.”
The best way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and lose weight if you want to, is to follow a diet which includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whilst reducing your consumption of sugar and processed food. It is also important to take part in regular exercise.

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