How to get the most out of dieting in the run up to the summer months

A look into several popular diets has uncovered which ones work and which ones don’t, and what the best way to go about losing weight actually is.
When summer is oncoming, we all like to go for fast, quick weight loss, to help get those beach bodies, but it has been proven time and time again that the fast weight loss, crash course diets rarely manage to keep the weight off in the long term.
Losing weight in the long term is not only better for your body and your health, helping to stave off conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, but staying slim all year means that you won’t have to suddenly try to diet when the summer months roll around!
Weight loss expert Dr Sally Norton looked at a series of diets, as reported by the Daily Mail, including the Low GI diet, the Low Carb diet, the Low Fat diet, and the ever-championed Mediterranean diet.
She concluded that a specific diet is no more or less likely to help us lose weight in the long term, (meaning you can choose any and will hopefully see the same results – great for those who like choice!)
However, she also found that no diet will work if we look at it as a quick fix and an immediate solution, nor if we struggle to fit it around family and work life – it has to be a dietary change that is easy for us to do and require minimal extra effort.
Furthermore, diets seem to not work as well when they exclude entire food groups, as entire groups are too hard to avoid and require too much effort.
So what to do? Rather than try and make extreme diet choices, which, simply, aren’t going to last or have any great effect in the long term, look at what each type of diet offers, in theory, and take the good ideas. For example, you could limit unhealthy fats, avoid red meats, avoid processed carbs and eat smaller portions.
Of all the diets out there, the Mediterranean diet seems to be closest to the mark, and there are many scientific studies that support it as the healthiest and best bet for imp[roved health and weight loss. It cuts down on processed foods, while boosting fruit and veg intake and promotes healthy fats over the unhealthy ones.
Overall, cutting unhealthy fats, processed foods, and high carbs from your diet, while maintaining a healthy balance and undertaking enough exercise will help you to get into better shape for the long term, improving both your figure and your health.

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