Mum with cancer claims she beat it thanks to diet

Natasha Grindley, a 37 year old mum of two, was told she had just two weeks left to live after doctors discovered a stage 4 stomach cancer, and claims that switching to a healthy diet is the reason she is still alive and fighting it.
After being diagnosed with the cancer in 2014, she searched the internet along with her husband, Ian, to find a way to beat it. Natasha swapped alcohol and takeaways for healthy, balanced meals, which she says has helped boost her immune system before taking part in chemotherapy.
Although Natasha still has the cancer, she says its size has been reduced since she switched to a more nutritious diet.
Natasha said: “I’m still getting treated but they are generally shocked that I’m still here. This has completely changed my life. My diet was awful before this. I didn’t realise that my body can’t do that, it was making me ill.”
“Now I’m like a different person. When you feel that low and then, to be given your body back, it is priceless,” she continued.
She has a Facebook page, called ‘Heal for Real’, where she provides recipes and advice to other sufferers, and she also corresponds with ‘Deliciously Ella’, a health blogger.

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