Unhealthy lifestyles costing the NHS GBP11bn a year

Public Health England (PHE) has warned that health problems linked to poor diet, smoking and alcohol could make the NHS unaffordable.
Each year, health problems related to such lifestyle choices cost the NHS £11bn, with a rise in problems that have no cure, such as type 2 diabetes. According to the Office for National Statistics, around four in 10 middle-aged adults have an incurable long-term condition.
Dr Rebecca Wagstaff, of PHE, said: “When you look back to Victorian times, we worried about things like diphtheria and polio, and we’ve actually managed to conquer those now.
“The new threats are things like diabetes and chronic bronchitis. They could overwhelm us. They are illnesses for which there is no cure, and they cost the NHS more than £11bn each year. That’s a phenomenal amount of money and more than that, it is taking years off people’s lives.”
One of the big concerns is that the continued prevalence of health problems, caused as a result of poor lifestyle choices, will lead to the NHS facing costs it cannot afford, and more needs to be done to find effective ways of tackling such problems.
A healthy lifestyle involves a nutritious, balanced diet and regular exercise. Cutting down on alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking, are also crucial in reducing the risk of developing health problems such as heart disease and some cancers.

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