Don’t Forget Your Vegan Guests This Christmas

Don’t Forget Your Vegan Guests This Christmas

If you oversee the Christmas dinner, the task ahead can appear overwhelming. Cooking for a group is daunting enough but on such a significant day seems to add the pressure. If one of your guests is a vegan, there’s no need to panic. The worst thing that you can do is make them feel singled out. Catering for a vegan Christmas meal is surprisingly easy and can keep everyone happy.

It’s OK to Ask

The best thing to do is to simply talk to your guest. On their part, the lead up to the holidays can be stressful especially if this is their first Christmas as a vegan. There is the dread of creating tension when there’s something that sets them apart at the dinner table; particularly if it coincides with tradition. If you have no knowledge on what food is best, it is best just to ask. This will allow the guest to feel involved in their food and most importantly you’ll know what they like.

Vegan Cooking is Simpler Than You Think

Christmas dinners can very easily be made vegan. Most of the meal is already vegan and the rest can be altered with some simple changes. Any vegetables that are without any extra dairy products such as milk or butter are already fine. If you’d like to make anything richer, there are an abundance of plant-based alternatives available at the supermarket. Roasted potatoes cooked in goose fat are a Christmas staple, but not appropriate. Olive oil will work just as well. Being vegan doesn’t mean they have to go without crispy, golden, delicious potatoes. A lot of own-brand stuffing is suitable as well, along with onion flavoured gravy and most condiments.

The biggest change will obviously be the turkey. An entirely new alternative for this is inevitable but there are lots of tasty options. Nut roasts, stuffed squashes and vegan sausages are just some examples. You could make a vegan pie that you just reheat before serving. There is also ‘Tofurkey’, which is a meat alternative made from tofu to imitate turkey. This, along with other chilled meat alternatives can be bought and frozen in advance.

If You’re Unsure, Always Check

However, be careful of some products because they can still contain egg. Checking labels is imperative when searching for vegan ingredients. It can seem tedious but being meticulous will avoid any mistakes that means your vegan guest is left out.

Products that you wouldn’t expect can be unsuitable for vegans. For example, a lot of wine and prosecco aren’t vegan. A simple google search can resolve any queries. Nonetheless, it is also a good idea to offer any vegan guest the chance to bring their own dishes. Getting them involved will make them feel included, especially if you are making the effort to make their Christmas meal.

Sharing is Caring

Remember to also include the omnivores of the party. Encouraging everyone to share the food will allow them to try new, animal-free options that they may not have experienced before. This is a definite way to create a warm, family atmosphere that is enjoyable for all. Christmas is the season of giving and sharing, why not embrace it?

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