How to Have Yourself a Healthy Little Christmas

How to Have Yourself a Healthy Little Christmas

When Christmas arrives, there is always some excitement. During December, we act differently to any other time of the year. Being healthy all of the time isn’t that fun. As a result, we tend to throw much more caution to the wind because it’s the season of celebration. Why not? It is Christmas after all.

We All Go Wild At Christmas

Throughout the year, we’ve worked hard and now it’s time to enjoy that. Christmas allows us a free pass to be more relaxed; especially with our diet. It’s not just on the day, its all throughout the festive period. Any other time of the year, consuming things like chocolate, pastries and alcohol on an almost daily basis isn’t normal. Attacking the free bar and buffet at the work Christmas party is just standard. Why do we do this? Is there a way to preserve our health in the process, whilst also having fun?

Being Too Conscious Isn’t Fun, Especially at Christmas

Indulging is socially acceptable at this time of year. Eating a lot on Christmas day isn’t an issue. Holiday consumption only becomes problematic with the way we eat throughout that monthly period. There’s so much going on that it is difficult to keep making healthy choices. By having continuous celebrations with work, family and friends it’s very easy to fall into bad eating habits. Usually, there are many celebrations lined up. Add to that a busy period at work, there is very little time left  to properly maintain diet and exercise. The only logical approach from that seems to be putting off anything healthy until New Year. Eating much more than normal everyday for an entire month can be harmful.

So, What Choices Do You Have?

There are some actions we can take so that the transition from Christmas and New Year back to normal a little easier. Firstly, enjoy yourself but don’t force eating just for the sake of it. When there is a plethora of food right there, it’s sometimes hard to resist everything. Eat small portions and savour the food. Take your time with it too. The food will most likely still be there for a while and your stomach will appreciate not being stuffed in a short period. It’s impossible to be festive whilst combatting indigestion.

When it comes to alcohol intake, you should be always mindful of it anyway. During the Christmas period it will be consumed in higher quantities. You don’t have to completely avoid it just take it easy. Choose to have up to two glasses of water between refills. Keeping yourself hydrated will prevent any premature drunkenness and the boxing day hangover. Everyone wants to get merry, but there’s no point celebrating if you won’t even remember it.

Finally, try to maintain a normal exercise routine. It seems like a lot of effort to do, but it will prevent any activity overhaul come January. Even if you don’t have time and all you can manage is a walk, that still works. Getting up, being active and doing something consistently will help you through the Christmas period and make recovery from indulgence a lot quicker.

Be Mindful, But Don’t Feel Bad About It

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the Christmas holidays need not be difficult. Smart choices can make a big difference. Not over-eating, being mindful of alcohol intake and keeping active are worth consideration during the festivities. However, this doesn’t stop you having fun.

Remember to still enjoy yourself. Most of all, don’t feel guilty about it. In reality it is only one month out of twelve and it’s special.

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