Adding breakfast tea to your diet can help lose weight

Adding breakfast tea to your diet can help lose weight

Experts are claiming that adding breakfast tea to you diet plan can help achieve substantial weight loss.

This is all due to the molecular composition of the tea that raises the metabolism leading to fast weight loss according to researchers at University of California. However, the tea must be consumed without milk.

Researchers are putting this down to the larger size of the molecules in tea which cannot be absorbed by the intestine very well. This in turn encourages bacteria to grow in the stomach resulting in a boost to weight loss.

The research shows that the bacteria linked to obesity is also reduced. It has been found that green tea has a similar effect as it keeps dieters fuller for longer. This is due to a compound called catechins in the tea that increases the number of calories burned by four per cent.

Many young adults nowadays prefer drinking green or fruit teas instead of regular tea indicating a decline in black tea consumption. However now it’s been established that black tea has weight loss properties youngsters will favour it again.

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