How to Achieve the Perfect Diet – According to Science

How to Achieve the Perfect Diet – According to Science

There is no diet that works for each person. It is simply impossible to adhere to every set of varying nutritional needs. Even the word “diet” means something different for each individual. For some it’s just what they eat, for others it may mean restriction because they want to reach a weight goal. Many diets keep people sustained, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are healthy. A perfect diet should consist of the best possible intake of nutrients so that the body can be as healthy as can be.

Rather than one universal diet, the following are some principles that should be considered when assessing whether a diet is perfect:

Eat a High Amount of Nutrients

Nutrients consist of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. Most of nutrient recommendations are based on necessary nutrients, rather than consuming the best nutrients. Fresh food contains the most nutrients and eating fresh food daily ensures you ae getting the best out of your food.

Keep Processed Foods to a Minimum

Whilst fresh food will provide an abundance of nutrients, overly processed foods will contain very little or no nutrients at all. Much of the nutritional value is lost through processing. Although processed food may be more palatable and accessible, consuming too much is linked to serious health risks. Eating overly processed food is simply not sustainable when trying to maintain a healthy diet.

Have Plenty of Variety

Part of having the perfect diet is being able to enjoy it. Sticking to the same meals each week can become dull, making a diet much harder to sustain. Furthermore, if you don’t enjoy eating healthily you are more likely to turn to processed food to be satisfied.

Researching and trying different recipes is an excellent way to introduce variety into your diet. Growing your own produce can provide variety whilst making you become involved with your own food.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water seems like an obvious health component, but it is often overlooked. It is easy to forget to drink water when you lead a busy life. In contrast, it is also unhealthy to drink too much water, so it is essential that a balance is found. Generally, by drinking two litres per day is the best way to stay hydrated.




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