Weight Watchers to Abolish ‘Before and After’ Pictures

Weight Watchers to Abolish ‘Before and After’ Pictures

For anyone who is trying to lose weight, they are often faced with many ‘before and after’ pictures. These are often used as undeniable proof that a certain diet and exercise regime has worked. Additionally, it acts as an indicator of progress a person has made. Weight Watchers was the pioneer of the before and after picture. However, the company now plans to phase out the trend.

A New, Modern Outlook

During a conference in the US to relaunch the brand, it was made clear that such photographs were outdated and not in keeping with current personal values. Rather than being a motivator, it is now thought that such pictures don’t help establish the need for a long-term lifestyle change to benefit overall health, as well as weight loss. Weight Watchers are looking to promote permanent, healthy habits that will ultimately benefit their consumers in the most effective way possible.

It makes sense to promote a healthy lifestyle overall that continues even after weight loss has occurred. People should stop being healthy once they have lost the desired amount of weight. A healthy, balanced lifestyle should be maintained for the sake of overall longevity and quality of life.

Losing Weight is Not a Quick Fix

Weight Watchers maintain that they won’t discourage their members from sharing their own before and after pictures. The company simply won’t include them in their publications. Instead they will emphasise the need for sustained, good dietary habits.

The showing of the past and present photos is no longer viewed by Weight Watchers as a “modern reflection of the brand” as they expand to a “more relevant and modern way to talk about health”.


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